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Doula Services

Doula Services

Certificates held/Training Attended:

Dona Doula certification in the works!

Completed Dona in class training Nov 3-6 2017

Retired la Leche League Leader



Infant Massage Instructor

Massage- Doula course in Toronto 2014

Relevant Background

I gave birth to three fabulous boys in 2003, 2005 and 2008. All of my births were completely different. I went from a c-section to home birth to a fast hospital birth. But one of the main constants in all was the care that I received.

There is nothing more powerful than having your heart and hand held throughout one of the most powerful moments of your life. Over the years it has been an honor to hold space for some of my clients as she becomes a mother and to see a couple become parents. Truly the most incredible and joyous event in your life.

$700 -Attending Births in Courtenay/Comox

For the complete Birth Doula package

-Free first meeting with you and your partner (if applicable)
-A minimum of 2 prenatal visits
-Attending 1 appointment with your midwife/doctor (optional)
-24/7 on call availability for onset of labour
-Continuous support throughout labour and birth
-Photographs taken of the birth and/or immediately postpartum. (Not professional)
-2 hours postpartum care immediately after the birth
-2 postpartum visits within the first 6 weeks to help establish breastfeeding, to answer any questions and to debrief about the birthing experience.
-Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum
-A written copy of your birth story
-A delicious bag of homemade granola bars for those late nights and early mornings.

Massage packages can be added as well as Nutritional consulting or packages as well