Why I am a Holistic Nutritionist

I believe…..

Your body is made to feel good. Not just ok but FABULOUS. I believe that you have the innate power to heal yourself. It comes from every cell of your being. When things are off, your body tells you in suttle and sometimes strong ways. I believe that nutrition makes an incredible difference in your body chemistry and state of mind. I believe that when you have no energy you go for easy. Easy meaning crappy refined/processed foods.  When you increase your energy you become more mindful of what you eat and how you treat yourself with self care.

I first knew that I wanted to be a holistic nutritionist when….

I struggled with infertility. I had always, from a young age, known that children were going to be in my future. It came naturally to me to play with kids and be glued to any new addition to my family when I was young. So when it came time for me to have children, my husband and I hit a road block. Through a series of events I found myself at a fertility doctor who did blood work and a hysterosalphyngogram (shoots dye into your uterus and fallopian tubes tojanis silly see  if there are blockages) only to tell me I had LAZY ovaries. Feeling desperate,  I spent a few months on fertility pills and had a few hot flashes with no change to my hormones……28 and HOT FLASHES!!!

It didn’t feel like me. These pills, what I was told, and how it was relayed to me. It was indeed the perfect storm to motivate me to investigate and find out other ways of helping myself. There was a very deep seeded/ingrained feeling to be apart of my own experience. I didn’t want to be a bystander in my own making of my baby. I wanted to give it all I had first.

While on this path I learned so much about my stamina, determination and especially that my body is not broken. I CHANGED my body chemistry. I later became pregnant three times without the help drugs, but with the help of fabulous information and incredible nourishing foods that took time and energy to find.

It transformed my thoughts about how I live and how I wanted my nutrition to be a big part of my pregnancy, birth, and child rearing. Nutrition is always in the forefront of, and has been, a very important part of my families life. This experience has restored my faith in the divine beauty of our bodies and that they have so much potential if we feed them lovingly. With thought, intention and mindfulness.

lovey dovey janisI would also like to note that I was in fabulous body shape.  I was a competitive squash player from my teens on and still I had a body that needed to heal.  So please note that being in shape and internal health can be completely different worlds.


I’ve always been passionate about motherhood….

I help women attain better gut health and body awareness so that they can enjoy motherhood to the fullest with recipes, consultation and online programs as well as Massage during pregnancy and adding doula work to the mix.  My ultimate goal  is to get the whole family on the path to a whole foods gut healthy diet, and to feel wrapped in support and love.

How about you? What’s your fertility story?

and let’s chat about how you can take your own and your family’s health into your own hands!

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