4 Pillars of a Healthy Kitchen

How would you like to have someone walk you through exactly how to stock your kitchen, and do it with you- so that getting on track with healthy eating could be simple, quick and fun?

 Wouldn’t it feel so great to have your kitchen fully stocked with clean, high octane foods that fuelled a steady stream of energy, so that you felt your best every day? It would be oh so lovely wouldn’t it, to look in the mirror and see glowing skin, sparkly eyes and those pearly whites again? And it would sure be nice too, to maintain that your perfect weight, without dieting and deprivation. Best of all, it would such a relief to be free of the exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm and low level depression that’s been keeping you dragging your feet through the day- and dreading your time in the



How about stepping into a new way of being in the kitchen? Can you imagine yourself becoming one of those relaxed people who makes cooking look and taste like it is easy, and as though being in the kitchen is downtime, and not like drudgery?


 Is this you

 You work so hard on your work, projects and passionsthat you don’t have the energy or interest to spend a lot of time cooking, yet eating healthy is really important to you

  You WANT to eat Healthy WITHOUT having to spend a lot of time deciphering what is healthy and what isn’t

 You want to stock your kitchen with feel good foods that make healthy eating easy

 You’d like to take the struggle, willpower and feelings of deprivation out of your experience of eating, and find pleasure with food again

 You are spending way too much time THINKING about food and you just want to put a system in place for it so that time spent in your kitchen is productive and streamlined
√ You find that you are wasting your precious time trying to figure it all out on your own- you want someone to take eliminate the guesswork out and hold your hand along the way

  You are looking for a perspective that eliminates the complexity and distills healthy eating down into a simple and doable framework that supports sustainable shifts


If you answered YES! that’s me, to any and all of the above, then take a deep breath sweety, you are in the right place!


Would it feel amazing to step into your kitchen with fresh eyes, inspiration and enthusiasm to try new foods, recipes and maybe even create a few of your own?

How would your life change if you found yourself becoming so relaxed around mealtime that preparing food felt like luxurious self care and delectable downtime?

What if you could ditch the drudge, unleash the domestic diva within and re vamp your kitchen lady love?


But right now……


Like most women, you’re probably juggling more than your fair share of domestic work, on top of giving your time, energy and passion toward your relationships, your work, your projects and your passions.

I suspect that in an ideal world you would like to cook great food at home and eat healthy without having to slave away your evenings and weekends away in the kitchen!

With all that you have on your plate (pardon the pun), you are just plain old “sick and tired” of feeling “sick and tired”, BLOATED and like you are dragging your butt all day, yet the thought of cooking and eating the foods you think you should be sound a wee bit like a bore and a chore ?


Don’t lose heart lady!!


This program has been designed to help you make eating healthy food a non-issue- something you just do naturally on account of the way you organize, shop, set up your kitchen and stock your pantry!

ALLwithout having to slave over the stove, go “granola” or give up your favourite comfort foods?


Here’s all the stuff you won’t have to do:

Spend your entire paycheque at the Organic Grocer

Become a slave to the stovetop!

Subscribe to any dietary theory or Dogma

Shrink your menu down to a fraction of what you are currently eating now!

No Dieting, Counting calories or Fat Grams!

You will not have to become a closet health NUT or go “Granola” (unless you want to)!!

Nor will you have to give up your favourite Recipes or Comfort foods!

You won’t be Punishing yourself by feeling guilty about what you eat!

You won’t have to Use willpower or change your habits overnight!


Here’s what we’ll do together instead…..


  • Prepare to get laser focused clarity on where, when and how nourishing yourself with food fits into your life and your schedule.
  • You will get uber organized to pretty much ALWAYS have what you NEED on hand, without having to shop everyday on your way home from work (or have to sheepishly send your reluctant partner to the grocery store at the last minute AGAIN, because you are missing that one crucial ingredient!).
  • You’ll discover quick, easy and delicious new recipes that LEVERAGE your time in the kitchen without leaving a nasty mess behind you!
  • Create a fully stocked kitchen full of easy to prepare, delicious and nourishing foods so that any choice you make will be the PERFECT choice?
  • AND because, you are feeling healthier, more energetic, clear headed, totally relaxed and nourished with laser focused attention, you’ll soon find that you are more productive in your work- therefore making more $ to spend enjoying, whatever the finer things in life are for you- working less and sharing more quality time with your friends and family- as your relaxed and abundant self!

I have been where you are….. 

(my story)



Many years ago I walked myself through these very same steps and now looking back I have the eyes to see the simplest and quickest path from where you are, to where you want to be
I can tell you from firsthand experience that it is not only possible, but it REALLY is EASY, life affirming, menu and even mind expanding too!.



This program is for you if you are ready to…..


1) Invest in better Quality FOOD (these shifts are so simple that no one will even notice that you are eating differently)!


2) Make some Recipe Upgrades-You’ll discover how to make what you are already eating healthier! Learn how to optimize the ingredients of your favourite recipes and comfort foods for maximum nutrition and yumminess!


3) Be Willing to Try New Foods and Expand Your Menu!


4) Try on a new perspective-Say goodbye to dieting, weight and food preoccupation FOREVER!


5) Decode your cravings and lovingly feed them!


6) Set goals that are attainable AND maintainable!


7) Invest some time and energy NOW for more of it LATER.


9) Implement KEY strategies for leveraging your time in the kitchen


This program is not for you, if….


1) Investing time, money and energy in your health and well-being

is NOT currently a priority for you.

2) You are afraid of trying new foods (or to try on new ideas!)

3) What you are currently doing in your kitchen already works for you

and you are satisfied with the way things are.


Eating healthy is simple and uncomplicated with the right mindset, the RIGHT foods (based on a few simple to learn distinctions!) when you have a proper foundation in place that supports healthy habits in the kitchen!


The Revamp Your Kitchen step-by-step program walks you through your kitchen with new eyes to see while clearing your confusion about what it means to eat healthy, while shows you how to leverage your time in the kitchen.


ENJOY Mealtimes again -WITHOUT Stress, Willpower, Deprivation or Time WASTED Thinking about “what to cook” or eat next!


If you are done with scrambling to put meals on the table, eating out because you are unprepared or don’t know what to make… and feeling sluggish, overfed and yet undernourished, then are you are sooooo READY to Revamp Your Kitchen!


I support women just like you to transform their relationship to their time spent in the kitchen in two ways

  • The In Your Kitchen Revamp retreat days (I come to your kitchen and do it with you!)
  • 2 month Revamp Your Kitchen jumpstart package


Ready to find out which option is best for you?


Book a ‘Revamp Your Kitchen’ breakthrough session to discover what your next steps in the kitchen with me!


It’s easy to book your session in 3 simple steps!


  1. Make your payment online by clicking through the following link:
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  3. Fill out the attached “Revamp Your Kitchen Breakthrough Sessions” form to help us both get better prepared for your session.


If you have any questions, please e-mail me @  janis@urbansage.ca


I look very forward to spending time with you in your session!

Yours in health,

Janis Elliott