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Janis Elliott is a caregiver with myriad experience based on a foundation of empathy, compassion and trust. She has worked on many types of conditions such as Osteoarthritis to Fibromyalgia.   As well as, her passion, pregnancy to childbirth. Her own three births, from home to hospital, have defined her practice and prepared her for any contingency. Apart from her own experience in childbirth, Janis has also 20 years as a Registered Massage Therapist (mostly caring for pre-natal mothers), the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Certification and DONA doula qualification. This has set Janis’ focus on pre and post natal health, utilizing the strength of a woman’s body and ensuring proper nutrition throughout life for both mother and baby. Janis firmly believes that calm, knowledgeable guidance can leverage the immense, intrinsic power of a mother to make the birth experience the most beautiful and fulfilling of one’s life. “My passion for helping people grows when I know that I am making a difference in my clients’ quality of life.  There is great satisfaction that comes when my clients leave a session feeling better than when they came in and when they achieve a heightened awareness of what they can do to take control of their own health and wellness.  I am committed to helping people increase their every day function and performance, wether it be through touch, support or nutrition.  I love what I am able to do for my clients. It gives my life purpose.”

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With all of theses modalities in mind, I have created packages to help those who need…

  • Fertility Nutrition 
  • Massage during and after pregnancy
  • Doula services
  • Nutrition for the childbearing years and onto babies first foods.
  • Helping you create a healthy kitchen

My focus revolves around all things pregnancy and doula and for you to have THE best experience possible.  To feel loved, nurtured and listened to.